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Zack's Freakin Awesome AP History Site

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Good ol' MHS. Go Indians!

AP Central

Go here for AP test info.


Some Very Helpful History Sites
Its a five star system if you can't figure it out.

History World

5 out of 5

This is a great site. It gives in depth summaries of periods, events, and other subjects from world history, including Aegean civilization to Zoraostrianism.

Sparknotes: History

5 out of 5

Old Faithful! Sparknotes isn't just for when you forgot to read those couple of chapters for Lit. Sparknotes has a great History section with summaries and written timelines.

Speilvogel Interactive Maps


This is a great site for maps from the same author of the preAP books. Each map is interactive.



This is an excellent site for interactive world history timelines. It's a little hard to navigate but you're in AP, you should be able to figure it out. If not, just click stuff.

CIA World Factbook


Not so much a history site. It's definitely helpful for anything involving geography or a county's government, economy, or population.



Good Stuff. Here's a list of Vocab for the entire two years.

Huge Review


Here's a good review of world history. Its not organized the same way as AP, but its what Mr. C. used for our review coming into AP from PreAP.

Sources For This Site


And Some Other Links


These sites all get 5 stars because they're cool and don't have anything to do with history.

Purevolume- Music

Good music.

How To Be An Evil Overlord

Learn to be an overlord.


Woo! I ♥ UFC!