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Here are some tips for Mr. C's classes:

1.Read for the quizzes!

-This is especially important for AP. AP quizzes are drastically different from the PreAP quizzes. You may not think they are worth alot, but when they are all added up they can knock a few points off a grade.

2.Study For Tests!

-Pay attention during Jeopardy, even if not paticipating. Most of these questions are taken directly from the Test.

-Remember that specific dates (dd/mm/yy) are not as important as years and periods. Even more important are people, places and events.

-Buy a "5 Steps To a 5" book or borrow one from Mr. C. These can be very helpful when studying for a test, especially one with an essay.

-Reread your lecture notes. Hopefully you've taken them. They include alot of info you won't find in a book.

3. Participate!

-Class participation is important. Mr. Cottingham keeps tabs on who contributes to discussions and who does not.

-Volunteering is great. Not only does it get you your participation points, but it can keep you from looking dumb. For instance, you have not done your homework and Mr. C. is going around the class choosing people to give answers. Do yourself a favor, volunteer what you do know.

4. Know Your Geography!

-You either already took that class or they kept you out of it for a reason. You should know this stuff. If not, study it.

5. Know When To Keep Your Mouth Shut!

-Believe me, this is important. I should know.