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Course Description

Summarized for your viewing, uh... pleasure.

The Time Periods:

There are five major time periods that divide the study of world history. Each time period is characterized by major events and trends that distinguish it from the others. They are as follows:

1. 8000 B.C.E.-600 C.E.

- Foundations and Ancient History

2. 600-1450

- Eastern Dominance

3. 1450-1750

- Rise of the West

4. 1750-1914

- Revolutions and Imperialism

5. 1914-Present

- World Wars and Globalization

The Themes:

There are also six major themes that help to connect and/or separate the time periods. The themes are:

1. The dynamics of change and continuity across time periods.

2. The patterns and effects of societal and regional interactions.

3. The effects of technology, economics, and demography on people and the environment.

4. Systems of social and gender structures.

5. Cultural, intellectual, and religious developments.

-and finally-

6. Changes in the functions and structures of governments.

*For a full course description from the AP College Board visit here:

AP Course Description

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