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1750 - 1914

Revolutions and Imperialism:
You Gotta Fight... For Your Right... To Party!

American Revolution

This stuff should be pretty familiar. You will focus on this more in American History. Click the flag for a detailed timeline and the Declaration of Independance for a map.



French Revolution

Wikipedia lists the causes for the French Revolution as:

* A bad economic situation as well as an unmanageable national debt, both caused by and exacerbating the burden of a grossly inequitable system of taxation and France's funding of the American Revolution.

* Resentment of royal absolutism.

* Aspiration for liberty and republicanism

* Resentment of Manorialism (seigneurialism) by peasants, wage-earners, and, to a lesser extent, the bourgeoisie

* The rise of enlightenment ideals.

* Food scarcity in the months immediately before the revolution.

* Resentment at noble privilege and dominance in public life by the ambitious professional classes.

* Resentment of religious intolerance.

* The failure of Louis XVI to deal effectively with these phenomena.

Visit here for a timeline for the French Revolution:

Click the pretty picture!

After the revolution, Napoleon Bonepart used his power to rule France and conquer much of Europe. Click the pic for a Napoleon timeline.


Latin American Revolutions

During this time period, many Latin American countries revolted against there European rulers. The first successful revolution was in Haiti in the late 18th Century. Other countries including Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina all led revolts and freed themselves from European rule.

Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution is an extremely important part of this time period. Here are some notes:

* Began in Britain due to growing population and lack of resources.

* Most Important Invention
---Steam Engine

* Many new inventions were created including:
---Machine Gun

* New Science of the I.R.
---Charles Darwin, Evolution
---Gregor Mendel, Genetics
---Louis Pasteur, Microbiology
---Marie Curie, Chemistry


With the revolutions in the new world, European powers began to focus on and expand their African and Asian colonies. Many used natives as slaves to harvest raw materials that would be sent back to Europe.


American Civil War

Same as I said for the American Revolutionary War. Click the Stars and Stripes for a timeline and the Stars and Bars for a map.